Friday, August 22, 2014

College Football

Thank the heavens that it is only a couple of days away. I have been going through major withdrawal when it comes to my college football. It's been a pretty good off season being reigning National Champs and all. I definitely would have preferred Jameis not trying to walk out of Publix with some crab legs but whatever. It's done and over with now and I am just hoping he can keep his head on straight for the next 6 months. Florida State definitely has a LARGE target on its back and getting through the season unscathed will be tough.

Below is my Top 10 going into the season. It will be fun to see how this all shakes out; especially with the new playoff. So ready for toe to meet leather!!!
  1. Florida State Seminoles - this is a no-brainer. Almost the entire offense is returning and at the helm is heisman trophy winner, Famous Jameis. Defense has a few holes to fill with some big names leaving for the NFL but this is more of a re-load than a re-build. It will be interesting to see if there is any drop-off with the defense now that Jeremy Pruitt is at Georgia.
  2. Oregon Ducks - the offense will flashy. They have maybe the best, if not second best QB in the game with Marcus Mariotta. Their defense will be suspect and they will have to get by Stanford and UCLA to have any chance at making the playoffs. 
  3. Oklahoma Sooners - Let's be honest. They have one of the easiest schedules in the Top 10. Plus, they don't have a championship game to worry about. There is a chance that they could be on the outside looking in come January if four other teams go undefeated due to their schedule.
  4. Michigan State Spartans - Michigan State has is going to win the Big10 with OSU now having QB issues. There is a good chance that Sparty could run the table this year and be the surprise team keeping an SEC school out of the 1st college football playoffs.
  5. Alabama Crimson Tide - It's hard not putting Alabama higher, but they still haven't figured out who their starting QB is for the season. Saban will have them looking good and really, all they need is a game manager in this system. They should be undefeated going into the game at LSU which will give whoever they choose as their starter plenty of time to get their feet wet.
  6. UCLA Bruins - I think UCLA is going to surprise people this year. They have a top signal caller and lots of speed on offense. Their downside is their schedule. It's brutal and it will be tough to get through it unscathed. 
  7. Auburn Tigers - Most may think this is too low of a ranking for the runner's up last year however, thy won those last few games but sheer luck. Let's be honest, that probably isn't going to happen again this year. Their still good but not thinking lady luck will be on their side this year.
  8. Stanford Cardinal - They are always a solid team and will give Oregon a run for their money this year. Lookout for them if they pull another upset over Oregon.
  9. Baylor Bears - This may be the year of the quarterback. They are the current Big12 champions and will have a great offense, but will have to put up a fight on defense to keep up with Oklahoma this year.
  10. Ohio State - Braxton Miller is done. They will still have a good team but will lose some games due to inexperience at QB. It's sad because they would have probably made the playoffs with Miller at the helm. 
 How do you think this year is going to shape out?

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  1. Cool, the extent sadly of my college watching is the Bowl games but,,, hey in Canada its Hockey right