Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Need a Weekend From My Weekend

Do you have those types of weekends as well? The ones where you are so busy that you are exhausted by the time Monday rolls back around. This was one of those. 

Friday was Nick's actual birthday (we celebrated all weekend though). We spent half of the day in the car driving around town running errands. Went to lunch with a friend and then did the big birthday dinner that night with family. Nick and I still had to get everything together after dinner for the canoe trip the next day so we then spent the rest of the evening shopping and packing so we would be ready to go in the AM.

6:45 AM rolls around quickly on a Saturday morning. We had to be at Bob's Canoes by 9AM and it was about an hour drive away. Well, of course, we were late because some people don't know how to meet up on time (not naming any names) but we were lucky. They were running behind so we still made it in time to still launch for the 12 mile trip. This is literally an ALL DAY TRIP and it took us ALL DAMN DAY. It was a great time with good friends and I can't wait to do it again next year. I did realize by the end that no matter how much sunscreen you apply, if you are in the sun for 9+ hours that parts of you will get burnt. 

We didn't make it home until close to 9PM Saturday night and of course, all day on the water makes one very HANGRY (yes, I was hangry). We showered and went and got a quick bite at Friday's. We were in bed passed out by 11am.

Sunday we went and picked up Brandon from Nick's parents and took his Dad to breakfast at one of our favorites, Joe and Eddie's. We then spent the afternoon back at Nick's parents celebrating his Papa's 80th birthday with a crab boil where Brandon got his swim on. We had to leave a little after 5 to then head to our draft party that night. By the time that was over it was after 9PM again and we still had to head back to Nick's parents to get Brandon. We didn't make it home until after 10PM Sunday night. 

Just writing all of this is making me exhausted. Phew. And Labor Day weekend is this coming up so we will probably have another fun filled weekend ahead. I just hope it cools down some. I'm over the 100+ degrees with high humidity we are getting in Florida right now. C'mon Fall. 

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