Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Do you remember the first gift you ever gave your Mom? Do they? I honestly couldn't say what the first present to my Mom was. It was probably something that really shouldn't have been a gift but I'm sure my Mom cherished it like it was the most expensive gift in the world. That's the thing with kids. Anything and everything they give to you has meaning. It meant enough to them to give it to you, and in turn means the world to you as well.

A few weeks ago, I came home from work and Brandon walked up to me and gave me my first present from him. The first present that he didn't have help making or buying. The first present that someone else didn't buy or give to him to give to me.  It was a present that he found himself. A blue feather.

Obviously, if this was something that I had seen while outside walking around our yard I wouldn't have thought much about it. I would have just left it where it was and moved on. But two year old little boys love to find things. Love to search and ask questions about what it all is and where it all comes from. My two year old little boy found this beautiful blue bird feather and kept it with him all afternoon until I made it home and then presented it to me as a present. He was so proud of himself and was so willing to give up his treasure to me. I seriously had tears welling up in my eyes as his cute little cherub face lit up while handing it to me.

It's amazing how some people say that unconditional love doesn't exist. That you can't touch it or feel it. But, to be honest, that's just a bunch of crap from people that haven't truly experienced it. In that exact moment, I could physically touch the love that Brandon has for me through that feather and I could feel it inside me like the finale at a fireworks show. That little blue feather that my little two year old gave me on that warm, sunny afternoon will be cherished by me forever. My first real gift from my son.

Now, for the sad part. Said feather has disappeared. I was so upset that it wasn't where I had put it. Nick swears we will find it but really, there is no telling where it ended up. I wish I would have at least taken a picture of the feather. Let's hope it turns up one day.

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