Monday, March 17, 2014

Planting Veggies: Weeks 1 of 52 Experiences

I am joining Elena over at The Art of Making a Baby in the 52 Toddler Experiences Scavenger Hunt. I am so excited to do these different experiences with Brandon and hope you decide to join in too. She even has a list of difference activities that you can do if you are having a hard time coming up with them yourself. Make sure to check it out.

Nick and I were already prepping to start our veggie garden for the Spring so I thought this would be a great first experience for Brandon as I really want him to be involved with growing food and knowing where it comes from (not just buying it from the store). I get that he is a little young to really understand all of this but I really feel that by starting now he will gain a better appreciation as he gets older and will always be able to be involved.

Obviously, this experience will really take weeks to months as we will watch the veggies grow and then harvest them so really, this one experience is probably going to turn into three or four just on it's own and that's kinda neat. 

We are attempting, yes attempting, to grow the following: Heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, and broccoli. I wanted to start out with foods that we eat on a regular basis and these pretty much cover that. Since I buy organic of all of these then I really feel we will save a good amount of money if we can get then to grow ourselves. The best part, we are doing it all organic as well; from the seeds to the soil. Let's just hope we can actually get them to grow (fingers crossed).

Brandon was very involved in this first step of gardening. He helped put the soil in, made little holes for the seeds with his finders, helped put the seeds in, and then helped water the soil using his Ninja Turtle watering can. We all had a ton of fun and I cannot wait to see his reaction as they start sprouting. 

Honestly, I think I will probably be more excited when they sprout. I've never grown anything plant like before so I am really hoping for the best. Luckily, Nick isn't a first timer so we have that going for us. 

I'll do another post on the gardening and how it's going in a few weeks once they sprout and we transfer the seedlings over to the main garden area. 

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