Monday, March 24, 2014

Bowling: Week 2 of 52 Experiences

Here it is. Week 2 of Toddler Experiences. If you want to link up the make sure to go to The Art of Making a Baby.

This week we went bowling. Or as Brandon likes to call it "go roll the ball." He had a blast and has asked to "roll the ball" everyday since. I let him pretty much do this one on his own to start. We were able to get a lane with bumpers and also get a contraption (I have no idea what the actual name of it is) that he could put the ball on and then just push it down. Brandon used a 6 pound bowling ball and carried it around like it was nothing. I was impressed.

He did so good with listening while I explained that he had to wait for the ball with his hands away from the ball return so his fingers wouldn't get smashed. He grabbed the ball by himself each time, carried it over and rolled it down the lane. He would cheer and clap almost every time he hit the pins.

He played a total of two games while we were there. The first game he used the contraption that he could just roll the ball down. The second game he decided he wanted to put the ball on the floor and roll it himself. He wasn't strong enough to get it all the way down the lane so each time, right after he pushed it, I would have to push the ball down the lane as well to make sure it made it to the pins. I wish I could have got photos of him "bowling" this way but it just wasn't possible with me having to help as well.

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