Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Date Night and More

We were definitely in need of a date night. Like, a good ole' fashion, dinner and movie night minus Brandon. I am always a fan of eating a new places (or taking Nick to places that I really like that he hasn't been too) so we ventured out to Boshamps Friday night for dinner. I had only been here once, the week they opened in the Spring, and really wanted to venture back to eat an actual dinner here as opposed to just drinks and appetizers. Let me just tell you, Amazeballs!!!

First of all, I love raw oysters and was really looking forward to slurping to suckers down with some horseradish and cocktail sauce. We also ordered a half dozen of the Osyter Boshamps which Nick wasn't a huge fan of but I really liked. It kinda tasted like a BBQ oyster and had the most amazing bacon marmalade. Yum.

We decided to order two different things so we could share. Nick ordered the rib-eye and I ordered the grouper pecan. Both were scrumptious and I seriously could have licked the plate clean. The best way to describe both entrees would be upscale southern cuisine. If you're not from the South then you probably don't understand but just the way the food was presented and cooked made for one of the best meals I have ever eaten. It was that good.

Thank goodness for the great meal because the movie sucked afterwards. We went to see Ender's Game. I had heard mixed reviews about it but Nick really wanted to see it as he has read the books. Needless to say we were both disappointed. I was bored, the character development was lacking, and it just didn't work well (felt like a lot was missing). Nick tells me that they left way too much of the book out of the movie. I am planning on reading the books because I see the potential for the story; it just didn't work as a movie for me.

Saturday was a fairly relaxing day. We did breakfast with Brandon and then some quick stops at the pet store so Brandon could check out the bunnies and fish (those are his favorite) and a quick stop at the mall to pick up a birthday present for a friend's little girl who will be turning 2 this week. While we were at the mall, we just happened upon the unveiling of Santa. Brandon was terrified which should lead to some pretty funny photos when we take him to get his picture with Santa. FSU won, UF lost. I was happy; Nick, not so much. (UF has a 5 game losing streak and doesn't look to be making a bowl game this year. I am secretly ecstatic over this.)

Sunday was another relaxing day. We met up with Jesse for breakfast at Another Broken Egg. I can't believe none of us had eaten there before and then after we got the bill I realized why. $60+ dollars for breakfast just isn't within my budget. It was fantastic but will not be something we do very often. Sunday evening we did our normal dinner at the Grandparents and watching of Walking Dead. It's become a tradition that I have really come to enjoy more and more. Enjoying quality time with family and friends; it doesn't get any better than that.

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