Friday, November 22, 2013


If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen some of the photos of the tantrums we have been dealing with. Brandon is in full on Terrible Two mode and we still have about 4 months to go until he actually turns Two. I am hoping that this means we will be done with this stage earlier but I'm not holding my breath any. I have a feeling this just means its going to last longer. Ugh

Everything, and I mean everything, seems to be a battle lately. Getting dressed, changing diapers, playing with toys, eating, listening, not listening, etc. I know that for the most part Brandon is just starting to test his limits and wants to be independent and "do it himself" without help. I get that because I know I was the same way as a child. Stubborn and head strong. But, oh geez, it's a serious pain in my behind and I get just as frustrated as he does. I try not to lose my cool but sometimes my emotions get the better of me as well. I feel so bad afterwards and really wish I could just exercise a little more patience. It is something I am working on, always working on really, as I have the patience of a toddler myself. (wonder where he gets it from)

When I say we are in full on tantrum mode, I really mean it. Brandon has the classic stomp your feet really fast, flail your arms and scream OR he throws himself on the ground and kicks and screams. Not fun for Mommy. I will say there have been times that his tantrum has made me laugh out loud because it was just too funny but more times than not I just walk away. I don't get angry with him because it's not going to do any good plus, I don't want to respond to this type of behavior and he think its acceptable to act that way.

Any good tips on working past this stage in toddlerdom?

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