Friday, October 25, 2013

Catch Up Post: August

August was actually a pretty busy month for us. Brandon and I did a lot of first time outings as I really felt he could start getting something out of them now. We also celebrated Nick's birthday for almost an entire week (Go big or go home right). AND, college football started FINALLY in August.

Brandon went to his 1st story time at the local library this month. I was surprised at how well he did with sitting still. We are lucky that out local library does this 2x a month for his age group and we have made this a pretty regular thing since.

We also visited the Air Force Armament Museum which is just a short 10 minute drive from our house. I thought he would love the airplanes but his favorite part of the museum was playing on the raised areas where the flag poles were. Gotta love kids and their wacky ways. I did get him into the simulation cockpit but he got very nervous and wanted out immediately after I snapped his picture. I think we will visit this again as it is free and I think he will enjoy it more when he gets a little bit older.

Our last big adventure of the month was visiting our local science center. It's not much and is pretty dated but for Brandon's age until about 4 or 5, it can be entertaining. There were some parts that he really liked and others that he couldn't care less about. It will be interesting to take him back in a few months to see if anything has changed.

We also did our normal outings to the parks and beach as it's just not something you can't not do when living so close to the water.

I did say that we celebrated Nick's birthday this month and well, we did. I wanted to do something special and so just Nick and I went to dinner the Saturday before his birthday to an amazing restaurant that I love and knew he would as well, Vin'tij. It is a very small boutiquey wine restaurant that makes AMAZING food and has one of the best wine selections in the area. I love how intimate the place is and the fact that it is locally owned and run (those are the best places in my opinion). We then caught a late night flick and went to see a movie, which I think was the Conjuring (can't remember if that was for my birthday or his). I was totally creeped out by it, Nick wasn't.

Again, we kinda celebrated his birthday for the whole week as we went out to eat again on his actual birthday with his sister and brother in law and then had a cookout the following weekend at his parents house. He's a pretty celebrated fellow if you ask me.

1st story time

My morning wake up call

Beach Bum

Brandon and Cousin Gavin 

Brandon's 1st top knot LOL

Standing underneath an airplace

Taking control of the cockpit

Running around the flag pole

Science Center Fun

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