Thursday, June 27, 2013

Birthday's Past

Oh man, I am actually having a hard time choosing just one so I will touch on a few of my favorites from year's past. 

Past Birthday Numero Uno: I was turning the big 1-0. Yep, finally hitting to double digits (what, what). I lived just outside of Dallas and well, my birthday is in the dead of Summer so it was H-O-T. Luckily, where I lived had a large pool so I got to have a really fun pool party with lots of my little friends. We swam our little hearts out in the middle of that roasting Texas heat, played games, ate tons of hamburgers and hot dogs, and even took down a pinata. I just remember this being a great day, just hanging out with my girlfriends and doing one of my favorite things as a kid; swim.

Past Birthday Number Dos: One of the downfalls to having a summer birthday is that most people are out of town during your celebration (at least most of my friends were it seemed). As I got older, and out of K-12 school, birthday's got much better. Case in point. My 20th birthday was spent with a wonderful friend of mine at Islands of Adventures. Now, this was pre Harry Potter land but still amazing none the less. We had to have rode Dueling Dragons 5 times in a row before deciding we needed a break. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie and it had been years since I had visited an amusement park so this was definitely one of the best birthday presents a girl could have. 

Past Birthday #3 ( Sorry, done with the Spanish counting for the day): How could I not post about my 21st birthday. It was my first time experiencing Sushi (this was waaayyy before sushi was the thing) AND the first time having Hibachi (again, way before it was cool). It was actually the night before my actual birthday that we went and had dinner and we have to bribe the server to let me drink. I played the whole, I will be 21 in just (insert number of hours here), you really aren't going to let me have a drink. BTW, it worked and I was happily on my way to buzzedville before midnight. The next day, my actual birthday, was spent acting a fool at a water park (do you sense a theme here with my favorite birthday's). Water + Amusement Park = One Happy Birthday Girl!!!  I did have a pretty amazing hangover that morning and the drive to the park was a rough one but once I was there I had an amazing time. 

I can't believe I cannot find a single picture from any of these celebrations (I blame it on the fact there was no Facebook or Myspace then) but I am so glad I am able to relive those great birthday's again through this blog. 

BTW, my 29th birthday + 2 (hehe), will be here in T-minus 23 days. Here's to celebrating another year older but probably not wiser by any means.

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  1. Haha it might be a good thing (at least for my 21st!!) that you couldn't find any pics! I bet all 3 were a blast!!
    Helene in Between