Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Water Baby

My son is the epitome of a water baby. If he could live in the bathtub at home, I think he would. It is great though since we live within 5 minutes of the beach. I couldn't imagine having a child that didn't like water. 

On Wednesdays at his school they have water play day for his class. Since I kept him home that day I thought it would be fun to go and let him run around in the water jets at Destin Commons. This is a pretty good sized water play area for little one's and it was Brandon's first time here. He carried a plastic shovel around the entire time trying to swat at the water as it shot up and then yelling WOW and laughing. He had such a good time. We will definitely have to make this a regular occurrence.

P.S. I had plans on uploading a video of Brandon at the water play area but Vimeo is being a pain so it's a no-go today. 

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