Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Thing I'm Most Afraid Of

Well. I am terrified of snakes. Like, takes my breath away, can't move, can't talk, I'm going into shock terrified. Something about them just really gives me the hebe jebbies. BUT, it's not what I am most afraid of.

I am most afraid of loss. As in, the loss that can just ruin someone. Like the loss of a child or significant other. This isn't something that I tend to dwell upon because just thinking about it makes me upset (my eyes are welling up as I type). Let's be honest though, either of these things can ruin a person. They can literally break your heart. I have heard that people can actually die from a broken heart and I am sure that is what would happen to me.

No one wants to think about life without the ones they love and so I don't. BUT, if that day ever came, just go ahead and lock me up because I am unsure if I would be able to make it in this world without them. It's not that my existence is all about them, it's just that my love for them is so strong that even thinking about something happening sends me into a tizzy.

The loss would be unbearable.

Because I cannot end on such a sad note; here are some pics from the park this weekend. We went to the Niceville Children's Park to celebrate Little Miss Ava turning 3. This is a great park as the entire thing is enclosed and even has a water play area. I have definitely learned that Brandon is fearless as he only wanted to climb on the tallest playground equipment and go down the biggest slides. My little daredevil.

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  1. You'd totally party if I croaked don't lie...

    1. Well, I would at least wait a week or two to see if you left me anything. I mean, I'm only with you for your money. :)