Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brandon, the Bunny Wrangler

This past Sunday we were visiting Nick's parents and they had just purchased a new bunny.  A few of the older rabbits they had have died recently and there was only one left, until now.  Meet Squishy, at least I think that is what he will be called.  He is a lion head rabbit and freaking adorable.  He was so sweet and let Brandon pet and love on him.  Seriously, do you think a rabbit and pit bull will get along?  I want one. haha

See the cuteness below.

Pet the Bunny

Grab the Bunny

Ok, I'll just pet him

He's so soft and fluffy

Making kissy noises to the bunny

I love the bunny

I want to hold the bunny

My bunny

We meet again

What do you mean I can't take him home

I love you meemaw

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