Monday, January 28, 2013

10 Month Update


10 months already? Goodness how time flies when you're having fun. This month has been a blast. You are getting more and more fun as the days move along (not that you weren't fun before but now you are able to really interact with). You are solidly in 12-18 month pants and 12-24 month shirts and onesies. You are still in size 4 diapers and I do not see that changing anytime soon. You currently have 4 teeth, 2 top and 2 bottom. I think we may have 2 more about to pop through on the top pretty soon.  

You are now walking unassisted. You have been for about 2 weeks now. It is so cute to watch you carefully walk around. You start to get really excited and will clap and laugh and then start waving your hands and arms frantically until you start to lose your balance. You are so good and balancing though. You can stand up on your own without holding onto anything also but you still prefer to pull yourself up while holding onto something if it's near. 
We have really started to switch you to eating table foods more and more this month. You will eat almost anything. I am doing my best to keep it all organic as much as possible. So far pretty good with a few exceptions here and there. You are usually a big mess after eating so we are taking multiple baths and/or showers a day. You love the water so you really look forward to this. When you take showers you love to just sit underneath the water and let it run over you. In the bath you have now started to lay on your tummy and blow bubbles. You have no fear of getting your face wet which is awesome. This is going to make learning to swim so much easier. 

Sleep is not going so well right now. It seems like every other month we have difficult nights. Right now you are waking about 3 times a night. We have been feeding you when you wake but I am in the process of trying to wean you from your night feedings. I am starting with the last one and working up from there. You are still going to bed around 7pm but your wake up times vary drastically. Sometimes you are up at 5:30am and other times not until 7:30am. I am hoping to get you on a better sleep schedule. Obviously, I would love for you to sleep through the night but if not then if we could just get you down to only waking up once then I would be ecstatic.

You are really starting to talk more and more. You can say mama and ball.  You have said dada and book a few times but not enough to really say you have them down yet. You know was no means and when you are finished eating you will shake your head back and forth for no which let's me know you are done. You also use the sign for all done. I am working on other signs with you in the hopes you will be able to communicate a little better instead of just yelling when you want something. We are working on more, eat, drink and milk right now. 

It amazes me that you have now been here longer than you were in my tummy. I remember thinking when I was pregnant that the days and months took forever but now I am realizing just how fast time is really going. As I held you the other night you fell asleep and I immediately saw you as that little baby boy that I first held in my arms in the hospital a few hours after you were born. You have already grown up so much but there are still times, especially when you sleep, that I still see that sweet little 8 pound baby all snuggled up in my arms. I do hope that I will always be able to look at you and remember those early days with you. Luckily I take a ridiculous amount of pictures.

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