Thursday, September 6, 2012

Consignment Sale Time

So, another sale down. I am so glad that I found out about these sales while I was pregnant. This is such a great way to get clothes and toys for Brandon without having to break the bank. It's ridiculous how expensive baby stuff is, especially when they only wear/play with things for such a short amount of time.  

This is the 3rd sale that I have been to and I have been able to get some great finds at each and every one. For this search, my main goal was to get an exersaucer, high chair, books, toys and some winter clothes in 12 and 18 month sizes. I was able to get everything I was looking for, and more, except the high chair (there just weren't any there that I liked). 

If you haven't been to a consignment sale before then you should. Especially for baby and toddler stuff. I have even decided to consign some of the stuff that Brandon has outgrown (swing, bouncer, clothes, etc). This is such a great way to get rid of used baby stuff without throwing it in the garbage or having to worry about doing a yard sale (not my cup of tea) and to recoup some of the money that I have already spent.

All in all I spent right at $200 for everything. It I would have tried to purchase all of this at retail value then I would have spent well over $600. I cannot wait for the next sale!

Check out my finds below:

So, I found this with the diaper bags but it's not a diaper bag. I got a Kate Spade purse for $35.00. This has no stains, no tears, nothing. It is in great condition and I didn't have to spend the $200 plus that it would normally be. I found myself a new purse. Haha
Kate Spade Red Nylon Shopper

Since our entire house is tile, I went searching for the foam mats for Brandon to play on. I was able to get this for $10 bucks. One this size normally retails for around $40.00
Alphabet and Numbers Foam Puzzle Mat

This was one of the main reasons that I wanted to go to another consignment sale. I lucked out in finding this one which is the exact same one that is at his Me Maw's house. He loves this thing. Paid $40 for this one. It normally retails for $75.
Evenflo Exersaucer SmartSteps ABC

Brandon won't be playing with this yet but for only $15, it was a steal. This will be great to have once he starts standing. Retails for $45.
Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table

Oh, the fun we have already had with this penguin. We played with him this morning. If you hit him he makes funny noises and can't fall over. Brandon was have a blast with him already. Great use of $5.00. In a store you could expect to pay about $20.
Fisher Price Bat and Wobble Penguin

We are a reading family so every chance I get I like to try and buy books for Brandon. All of these books were at or under $1 a piece. One of my favourite finds is in the picture. The 11 foot ABC puzzle. Brandon is obviously too young for this now but this will be great to have when he gets older. This had never been opened and was only $3. Couldn't pass it up. There are some other toys that I purchased also but were already put up when I started taking pictures.
Assortment of Books and Other Toys

Below are some clothes that I purchased. It is a random assortment of stuff but most of it cost between 4-8 bucks. Well below what it would cost to purchase these at a store.
Mudpie Shark Short-all, Baby Gap button down Onesie, Mudpie Sport Short-all
Ralph Lauren Polo, Baseball Short-all
Guess long sleeve shirt, Ralph Lauren Sweater Vest, Gap Long Sleep Button Up
Gap Sweater, Ralph Lauren Polo, Gap Corduroy Pants

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