Thursday, September 13, 2012

Are You Sure You Don't Want Another?

Once you are with someone for awhile people start asking, "When are you getting married?"  Then, when and if you get married they start asking, "Are you going to start having kids soon?"  THEN, once you do have your first, people start asking, "So, when do you plan on having another?"

Well,  I skipped the first step and moved right along to have a baby.  Now, I get 2 questions.  "When are you getting married and when do you plan to have another?"  Why is it sooooo important for other people to know.  Heck,  I don't know when or if I will get married.  It's actually cheaper for Nick and I to not be married; especially with all that is up in the air with regards to tax rates and deductions on income.

And, why it is soooo important to everyone when or IF I plan on having any additional kids?  I have always planned on only have 1 child so I personally feel like I am done.  One is hard enough, I couldn't imagine doing all of this with 2.  Plus, the expense of kids is staggering.  Childcare alone is over $700 a month.  I couldn't imagine paying for 2 kids.

I always tend to get a look of confusion or a statement back like, "Oh, you'll change your mind on only wanting one" when I tell people I am done but honestly, if you know me well, you know this is the truth.  I have always been a person that once I make a decision about something I stick to it.

Now, that's not to say that if I accidentally get pregnant that I wouldn't have the child but, I am taking every precaution now to NOT GET PREGNANT AGAIN. I just don't want more than one and that's that.  I want the opportunity to be able to be as involved as possible in all that Brandon does and I feel that having more children would prevent me from giving my all evenly.  I know this hence, only one child for me.

One is plenty.  One is enough.  One is all I need.

Besides, I want to give this little guy all I can.

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