Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cruise Day 2: Bahamas

Our first port for our trip was the Bahamas. I'm a beach girl and pretty spoiled with our local beaches so I wasn't too concerned about just spending the day laying out on the beach. I'm not the type to just relax on vacation. I like to do things. I want adventure and fun and sightseeing and all of that. The more I can pack into a day the better. This is why I always need an extra day off from work after I get back from a vacation.

So, for the Bahamas we decided to the the AquaAdventure at Atlantis. I love waterparks so this was right up my alley. We spent a good portion of the day at Atlantis wandering around, playing at the park, eating lunch, etc. Nick tried to stalk the basketball teams that were there for the Atlantis Tournament. We ran into Georgetown, Oklahoma and UNC. We literally walked the entire property as he was trying to find UF and Billy Donovan but we never did. The resort is just a perfect and beautiful as the pictures show. I really think it would take at least a week to truly explore everything Atlantis has to offer.

He was just a little excited!!

After Atlantis, we took the bus back to the center of the main island and walked around the downtown area for a bit. We visited the Straw Market and I purchased a little coconut walking turtle for Brandon. We then stumbled upon this amazing Pirate museum, The Pirates of Nassau. Since we are big fans of Black Sails (if you don't know what that is, look it up, watch it, you can thank me later) this was well worth the $12 bucks to walk through.

We also went into this beautiful church, Christ Church Cathedral, that has been located on this site since the 1700s. The photos I took do not do this church justice. The stained glass and the amazing organ located on the second level were awe-inspiring. The memorial plaques along the walls are beautifully done and speak to the history of this beautiful church.

Once back on the boat we decided to get cleaned up and watch the sunset over the island. Little did I know that this was also the moment that Nick would FINALLY propose. It was perfect and sweet and beautifully done. At the very tip top of the cruise ship while the sun was setting over the island. I don't have any photos of it but just know that it was perfect and I had no clue it was coming. We enjoyed dinner that night, which just happened to be formal night, as a newly engaged couple.

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