Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween #TBT

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I don't have any terrible Halloween stories to share and I can't really pick a best because they are all pretty awesome in my book. I love Halloween or really any reason to dress up in costume. Costume parties are the best. Got a bit off topic there. 

Pre-Brandon Halloweens were much more adult and alcohol related. Lots of late nights and adult parties to go to. Post-Brandon Halloweens have been much more family and food related (Children really do change everything) and I am enjoying these just as much as before he was born.

My favorite adult Halloween would probably when Nick dressed up as an Indian and I as Peter Pan in 2008. I mean, look at the photo of him below. He is in full body paint which is why I couldn't actually touch him. LOL How could I not pick this (he's completely naked under that fur loin cloth too). I actually ended up doing two different Halloween parties that year, on two different days. See, I love my Halloween parties.

Both of the Halloween's that I have had so far with Brandon have been fun. I have made both costumes which is always interesting since I cannot sew to save my life. This year Brandon really wants to be a football player so I am hoping I can pull this off without having to purchase some cheesy costume for him. His first year, 2012, I dressed him up as a pirate. Super cute and easy. Last year he was supposed to be an Ewok but he refused to wear the costume so I had to do a last minute costume and decided to make him Ace Ventura. It was a hit but I had to keep explaining to people who he was because all they saw was a little boy wearing a pink tutu. 

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  1. YAY!!!! someone that likes halloween! it's such a fun holiday I don't know why people don't like it!

  2. I LOVE costume parties, so much fun! There should be more dress-up occasions through the rest of the year...
    Your boy looks extremely cute in both of his costumes! Adorable :)