Monday, September 15, 2014

Mommy Brandon Happy Day

When Daddy is away, Mommy and Brandon get to play. Or, as Brandon would say, "It's Mommy Brandon Happy Day!"

Nick went away this weekend for a bachelor party so it was just Brandon and me all weekend long and we had a blast. 

Friday night (Nick was still in town), we went to Hibachi for dinner to celebrate a birthday for Brandon's Uncle Chris. Brandon loves Hibachi and loves the yum yum sauce even more. I ended up getting him his own meal and he devoured almost all of it. Kid loves to eat. 

Saturday Brandon and I spent the morning at the splash pad since this is the last weekend that it is open until next spring. We also ventured over the the indoor play house to get even more energy out of the little guy. This is probably one of my favorite places to take Brandon as they have a crap load of things for toddlers and I don't have to clean up after wards. Yeah for my house staying clean!!! We spent the late afternoon in our backyard picking weeds (I know, so much fun) and playing a little bit of baseball. Really, I picked the weeds and cleaned off our porch and Brandon played baseball. Then the heavens unleashed a torrential downpour so we ventured inside for the rest of the evening and watching a little football (saw Daddy on TV at the Florida/Kentucky game) and ate some pizza.

A beautiful sunset after the rain stopped
Sunday was more of the same. Brandon and I went to the beach (actually the sound side so the waves weren't as bad) and then went and played on the playground for a little while. I could tell Brandon was getting worn slap out as he decided to just lay down on the playground equipment so we decided to go home. We stopped at Moe's on the way home, Brandon's favorite, and enjoyed some yummy food. Brandon loves the pizzadillas (what he calls quesadilla's) and devoured it all. I enjoyed my favorite burrito bowl minus the rice. Again, we spent the rest of the aftenoon in our backyard playing more baseball (Brandon) and picking more weeds (me) before Daddy made it back home. 

All in all, it was a wonderfully full weekend of fun with my two year old. I know he had a blast and so did I. 
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