Friday, September 12, 2014

CoverGirl. Official Beauty Sponsor of the NFL

I just happened upon this last week while browsing the internet. I couldn't help myself and had to click on if to see if it was really as bad as it seemed. Oh yes, yes it was. I actually couldn't stop laughing at the photos of these girls in the makeup. (I just want to clarify that the girls/models are beautiful but the makeup is ridiculous)

I just don't get it. I mean, I get that CoverGirl wants the exposure of the billion dollar business that the NFL is, but I'm not sure if this is the right way to go about it. No one that I know of, unless they are professional makeup artists, is going to be able to recreate that look. And, the girl who wants to try and recreate that look...well, she probably isn't that interested in football to begin with. Maybe I am old school but less is always more; especially when it comes to makeup and sports. I am all for looking cute but this is taking it over the edge. As least in my opinion. 

And who starts an NFL makeup look campaign but doesn't have all of the looks available to view. EPIC FAIL, CoverGirl. I'm sure this is something you had been planning for months. How could you not have the website up and running with all of the makeup looks ready to go before you started promoting AND before the 1st week of kickoff. I mean, if I wanted to try one of the looks I would only want to try one for MY team but it's still not up. Way to half ass it, CoverGirl. 

By the way, these are the only looks they have available right now. Five. That's it and one isn't even the Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks. 

Oh, AND I have just found their Pinterest page which has all of the looks (why are they not on the webpage) and I am pretty sure all of this make up is photoshopped on and isn't what it would actually look like as the models have the exact same faces/position of body/hair blowing in the wind in multiple photos. Again, EPIC FAIL CoverGirl. And why wouldn't you at least put on your website that the looks are available to see on Pinterest. Geez. Whoever is in charge of this campaign should be fired. 

Below are the looks from their actual website.

Here are some of the looks from Pinterest. As you can see, they are obviously photoshopped looks with the makeup added after the fact. 

Tampa Bay Bucs and Arizona Cardinals

Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars

Seattle Seahawks and New York Jets

Venus Trapped in Mars

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  1. That is ridiculous. Seriously the most ridiculous thing I've seen today!