Monday, November 11, 2013

Corn Maze Adventures

Yep, another weekend outing. We tend to keep our fall schedule fairly full as the weather is still warm but not obnoxiously hot and humid that you can't enjoy anything.

I had been wanting to take Brandon to the Corn Maze for weeks and we finally went the last week it was open. It was over an hours drive to this particular one but oh so worth it. There were so many activities here that we have already decided this will be a yearly thing.

This corn maze is located just north of Milton and is at the Sweet Season Farms. It was pretty interesting driving up there as we passed cotton fields, and rows and rows of tilled soil. Just the drive itself was neat. To just experience the difference that an hour away from the beach is was pretty amazing. I really felt like we were "going to the country" with all this wide open space around us. It's not something that we have a lot of down by the sea.

Ok, so back to the corn maze. We went with Nick's sister in law and her hubby and 5 month old son. Again, another warm day as I actually came home with some pretty good sun on my face. Getting sun-kissed the first week of November, I'll take it.

We pretty much did every activity there minus a few that Brandon just wasn't big enough for. He enjoyed running around the corn maze, which, by the way, you can actually get lost it as IT IS HUGE. It took us a good 30-45 minutes to get through it and we were pretty much able to stick to the right way the whole time.
On a side note, this farm does offer nighttime adventures as well and you can do the corn maze with a flashlight. I can imagine that tends to get kinda creepy but would be fun to do at some point. 

After the corn maze, we let Brandon go to town on the slide and swings there. Of course, he loved the slide and literally had to be dragged off the thing. We also did some cowboy golf (put put with cowboy boots on the end of the golf clubs), the petting zoo, a hay ride, lasso's a fake steer, and just ran around like crazy people for all of about 3 hours.

It definitely was a fun adventure, a dirty adventure, but fun. Oh, and I found the one and only ant pile on the entire farm and stood in it like an idiot. My feet were on fire for most of the afternoon. Hint: don't wear flip flops to the farm. Even if you are still in Florida.

If you are close to the area next year I would definitely recommend checking this place out.

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