Monday, June 3, 2013

Ranting About My Profession

I am going to preface this as I do love my job and the career field that I have chosen. It is very unfortunate that there are real estate agents in and around my area as well as this country do many things that are unethical and down right wrong just to get a sale. Lying, cheating, or deceiving another agent or customer is no way to run a business and all it does is give a bad name to us all. I get that every industry has their "bad eggs" but for some reason I find that anything that is purely commission based tends to bring out the worst in people instead of the best. 

I have had numerous instances in the last few weeks that have just left a bad taste in my mouth with regards to my fellow agents. I have had to assist customers that were being mistreated and taken advantage of by other agents. 

At some point in almost everyone's life, you are going to have to work with a real estate agent in your local area to either purchase or sell a home/condo/lot/etc. Below are some pointers for you if you are ever in the market to do anything with a real estate agent.

  1. Get yourself a buyer's agent. If you are in the market for buying something then find an agent that will work for you; not the seller. It is always in your best interest to find your own agent instead of just contacting the agent that is representing the seller in the home you want. Very rarely will you have to pay to have a buyer's agent represent you. Almost always, commissions are paid by the seller as they are set up within the listing agreement with the listing agent. 
  2. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Now, this only works if your friends and family are local to your area. If they are, then ask multiple people that you trust who they have worked with in the past and if they would recommend anyone to you. If someone you trust works with someone they trust, then you should have a win win situation.
  3. Shop around for agents. You don't have to work with the first one you meet with. Do a sort of interview process with a select few and then choose who you would like to work with. You want someone that is going to do all they can to get you the best deal whether you are buying or selling. 
  4. If you like your real estate agent, let you friends know. If you have had great experiences with your agent then spread the word. 
I do believe that most Real Estate Specialists are trustworthy and great to work with and I have definitely met and worked with my fair share. It has just been so disheartening these last few weeks to have had the misfortune of dealing with the select minority that give all agents a bad name. 

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  1. Really useful as at some point, my husband and I will be looking for a property to rent/buy.

    Molly @ The Move to America