Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Girl's Night

Night out with the girls on a Tuesday? Heck, why not. I don't tend to get out on the town much with my girlfriends so I wasn't going to turn it down if I didn't have to. Even knowing that I had to work the next day. Oh, the price you pay for a fun night with friends.

We all ended up meeting at what seems to be our normal stop, Cuvee Bistro, for happy hour (It used to be Cuvee Beach but they changed the name which I think is kind of silly since everyone still calls it Cuvee Beach.) Any-who, their happy hour is really good since all appetizers are half off and they have decent wine specials.  

Of course, I never get the happy hour wine as they have one of my favorites by the glass or bottle, Conundrum. I ended up splitting a bottle with a good friend of mine so it was a win-win in my book. 

Food wise, we all ordered some sort of appetizers. I ordered the fried green tomatoes which were awesome. I love that there are quite a few restaurants where I live that offer this AND each one does it a little different which is always fun. At Cuvee, they have sauteed crawfish on top with some sort of buffalo sauce which gives everything a little kick. I also ordered the margarita flat-bread pizza which was yummy as well. 

We all spent a good 3 hours or so catching up and just hanging out which was a nice way to wind down the day. There is something nice about being able to just hang out for a little bit, drink a little wine, gossip a little about life and just be an adult with adults only for a bit. It is something that I miss sometimes but know that Brandon is getting a little older, I don't feel as bad taking a night to myself to do things like this again.  

If you're ever in Destin then you should definitely check this place out. It's a local favorite so you will know it's worth your time. Cuvee Bistro

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  1. It is always so great meeting up with the girls! I love doing that with my friends too, and we do much the same - have great food and talk the night away!

    Molly @ The Move to America