Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brandon's 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

Brandon's birthday will be here NEXT WEEK!  Holy cow.  I thought it would be fun to show what we have purchased (myself, Nick and his parents) so far and then to show what else Brandon is interested in (more like what I think he would enjoy). I cannot explain how excited I am for his party next week. Pray is doesn't rain on my Brandon's parade. 

What We've Purchased So Far

  1.  B. Meowsic Keyboard
  2. Puff the Magic Dragon
  3. B. Woofer Hound Guitar
  4. Radio Flyer 4-n-1 Trike

Brandon's Wish List

  1. Jack in the Box
  2. Jellycat
  3. Beach Toys
  4. Cars/Trucks/Mover Toys
  5. Outdoor Sports Toys
  6. Melissa & Doug Puzzles

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