Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Morning Routine

Morning can be quite hectic at our house since both Nick and I work. Brandon tends to wake up for good around 7 AM. I usually get up with him at this time so I can start getting stuff ready for the day. He gets changed and eats right when he wakes which usually can give me time to get the diaper bag ready for the day. After he eats he will usually do some independent play either in the living room or our bedroom depending on how late it is.  

By 7:30, I am trying to get myself dressed and ready for work. If Nick is still home then he will usually play with him on the bed while I get dressed. On those other days,Brandon is right by my side in the bathroom as I get ready.  He LOVES the bathroom because his favorite thing is to take showers and baths. As I am getting dressed he is usually standing up by the tub banging on it with his hands or talking to himself in the full length mirror. If I take too long he will start to get restless and cling to me to pick him up.  This is when he can go into a full tantrum because I am usually trying to hurry to get out of the house and my hands are full. I have figured out that if I sit him on the bathroom counter then he will entertain himself with my bracelets while I finish getting ready.

We are usually out of the house by 8:15 AM to get him to daycare. I like to get there with plenty of time before I have to be at work so I can play with him for a bit. He loves it at daycare. He is so happy when he is around other kids and people. He is not a homebody at all. He much prefers being out and about which is why if he has been home for a long period of time he starts to go stir crazy.  

This is what I usually walk in to see first thing in the morning.  Brandon standing in his crib calling out to me.

Dressed for the day

 Independent Play Time

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