Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

We had a lovely weekend with Daddy.  Friday, Nick and I went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman.  I know, not really his pick but he was up for it.  It was a pretty good movie, definitely not like the fairy tale at all.  More dark and gloomy but still good.  Nick then had a guy's night so I stayed home with the boy.  Saturday I had to work so it was Daddy and Brandon day.  We then went over to Ray and Ashley's house that night for a cook out and to watch some baseball.  Brandon was pretty fussy so I took him home early while Nick stayed over to hang out and finish watching the game.
His new favorite way to hang out
On Sunday we decided to do something different for a change and went and had brunch at Angler's on the beach.  Usually we eat breakfast at either Neighborhood Cafe or Joe and Eddie's but it was such a beautiful day we wanted to be outside.  We sat out on the back deck and enjoyed the fresh air and listening to the waves crash onto the beach.  Brandon slept the entire meal which was nice so I could actually eat without having to hold him the entire time.

By the time we finished Brandon had just awoke and you could tell he was trying to figure out where he was.  He kept looking around at everything and swinging his head back and forth.  Well, then it happened.  Brandon had his first diaper blow out.  Yep, right there at Angler's.  As soon as it happened he started grinning ear to ear and cooing like it was the best thing in the world.  Of course, I start laughing and start stuffing paper towels under his butt so it doesn't get all over the car seat.  Nick runs to get the car and I go ahead and pay as quickly as possible.

As soon as Nick brings the car around I go ahead and get Brandon out of the seat (which has luckily survived without getting poop in it) and get him changed.  The ENTIRE time he is laughing and smiling and thinks this is the best time ever.  We end up just throwing the outfit that he had on away becuase there was no way I was going to wash it and get all of that out.  I guess Brandon had a gift for Nick too for Father's Day.  haha
Nick and his little clone

BTW...we are now entering 6 month size clothing.  I have had to retire all the smaller stuff.  So sad :(

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