Friday, May 18, 2012

Big Accomplishments this Week

I hit 7 weeks on Wednesday and I am now too big for the baby sling in the bath.  I am now learning to splash the water with my feet and grab at the washcloth with my hands.  I really like trying to put the washcloth in my mouth.  Also, when mommy rinses me off with water I open my mouth big and wide like I am going to take a big gulp.

I am also starting to like tummy time more and more.  I have much better control of my head and can push myself up pretty well.  I also like to swat at the birdies that are hanging from my activity mat and make a lot of noises.  I am getting really close to my first laugh.  I have just started this new squealing noise when I smile really big.  I also have a lot to say when I am playing.  It mostly just comes out as ooohhhs and aaahhhs but I think mommy and daddy get it.

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