Monday, February 20, 2012

Brandon's Nursery

I am finally able to get some pictures up of the nursery.  It still is not complete but we are getting there.  

I got the letters from Hobby Lobby in Pensacola.  They were actually a high gloss white and I decided I wanted them Navy.  It took 3 coats of paint to cover the white.  I can tell you that hanging these was a definite pain in the ass.  The location of the nail hooks is different on each so trying to line them up was a hassle.  It isn't perfect but it was definitely as close as we were going to get without putting holes all in the wall.  The paintings on each side were made/given to me by Melissa Jarvis at my baby shower.  She did such an amazing job and matched the colors perfectly.  I absolutely love them.  I may also add some wall decals of airplanes under and around his name since this wall is so large.  I found some really cute one's on Etsy that would go great with everything.  

There will be a hanging mobile that I am ordering from Restoration Hardware that will go over the crib in the left corner of the room.  The right side of the wall is where my recliner will go.  I actually just got a phone call this morning that it was in and we could pick it up.  I will update this picture once I get it in the room.  

The crib is from Target and is a 4 in 1 convertible so it will grow with Brandon.  The color is Black Cherry which I absolutely LOVE!!!  It is so rich and compliments the wall color nicely.  

The bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids and is actually no longer available.  I saw this bedding right after I found out we were having a boy and just had to have it.  This bedding is what I based the entire room theme on.  

The cute crochet outfits were done by Nick's grandmother.  I had to add these to the picture because they are so adorable.  I can't wait to take some pictures of Brandon in these once he is here.  

The curtains and curtain rod are from Pottery Barn kids.  These are black out curtains which I have been told are a must; so I splurged and got these.  The pictures on either side were a Christmas gift from Gail Sawyer and go nicely with the theme of the room.  

Eventually, underneath the picture closest to the closet door I would like to put some sort of shelving that will hold Brandon's books.  I have seen some cute ideas on Pinterest that would be easy to do and would look great.

Better picture of the airplane rod.  I love the little airplanes on the end.  

This is the dresser that started out in about a hundred different pieces.  This and the crib are actually a set.  There is also a side table I am leaning towards getting as well if I cannot find anything else I like. 

I am actually going to use the top of the dresser as the changing table as well.  Most of the pictures on the dresser now will be relocated to some shelves once we get those on the wall.  

Hopefully, we will have most of the shelves put up this week sometime and the recliner in the room by the weekend.  The only things left will be the mobile, which is on back order until mid March, the side table and a lamp of some kind.  I am so happy with how everything has turned out so far and can't wait to bring Brandon home to his amazing room.  

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