Monday, August 15, 2016

Book Binger

I don't know why but when I decide to read I tend to binge on it. I won't read for a few months because life, but then all of a sudden I can't put books down. Does this happen to anyone else or just me? 

I ended up reading six books in July. Part of this binging I think happened because I ended up getting a refund of about $50 from Barnes and Noble from some settlement they had with regards to their nook books. I took full advantage and purchased a boat load of books for free that I had been wanting to read. Here are my thoughts on each of those books that I finished in July without spoiling anything. 

Me Before You - If you enjoyed A Fault in Our Stars then you will enjoy this. I had planned on reading this months ago but didn't get around to it until recently. I would definitely recommend reading the book either before watching the movie or even in place of watching the movie. The movie left some important details out about why Lou stayed so close to home which I really think helped explain more about her. You definitely will get much more from the book and you will almost surely need a box of tissues to finish this.

The Nightingale - Definitely my favorite read of the month. Such a beautifully written story about two sisters and how they survived and lived during WWII in France. I tend to really enjoy historical fiction so this was right up my alley. It was pleasant to get the viewpoint of how women were able to live, survive, and sacrifice during such a turbulent time. Great read and yes, another one that will require tissues. I am excited to see if this would be turned into a movie.

Big Little Lies - I just wasn't impressed with this book. I've seen reviews and heard people say they loved it but it just bored me. The end was the only saving grace as there is a bit of a twist that I didn't see coming but other than that the book just wasn't that great. 

Night - How I never had to read this in college or high school I don't know. It's super short, you could probably finish within an hour or two, and really gives a stark reminder to how terrible the conditions were for Jews in concentration camps. I will make sure that Brandon reads this when he is a teen as I think it's so important to share with future generations.

Everything I Never Told You - This is another 'eh' book for me. I just couldn't get invested in the characters. Nothing about then made me want to care. Also, it was pretty obvious what happened. The story was just mundane and sad and read more like a pity party than anything else. Maybe it was supposed to read that way but that just isn't what I want in a novel. 

All The Light We Cannot See - Loved everything about it except the end. This novel is very well written and you definitely want to know what happens next. I just think the end kind of dragged on and just didn't give me the same feeling that the rest of the book did. This is definitely a must read though as the story itself is amazing. 

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