Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Atlanta Braves

Our last stop for our Atlanta Trip was an Atlanta Braves game. It was important to me to watch a game this year as this is the last year they will be playing at Turner Field. Next year they will be opening their brand new stadium that will be located on the Perimeter. 

We went on the Braves opening weekend to the Sunday afternoon game. Before this game, the Braves were 5-0. Now, the Braves are 10-12 with a losing record. I think we started the trend as they lost to the Mets that day. Even with the loss, we still had a wonderful day and Brandon got to enjoy his very first professional baseball game with some excellent seats.

So, excellent in fact that only 4 rows in front of us were a few players from the New York Knicks who we ran into again after the game in front of the Hank Aaron statue. They were in town for a game the next night against the Hawks. Knicks won by the way. 

The Braves have pretty much overhauled their roster and traded away most of the big name/big salary guys. It's a young team with young talent, they just need to learn to play together. Really, the only BIG name guy left is Freddie Freeman. I don't expect much from them this year but you just never know. We shall see as the season progresses. 

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