Monday, April 27, 2015

Our Quickie Wedding

So, remember how I told you Nick and I got engaged during our cruise in November. Well, we were planning on waiting until Spring 2016 to get married and then decided mid-January to just go ahead and do it as we didn't want to wait until then. I mean, gosh, we had already been together 7 years, why wait? So, we didn't. We planned our "quickie wedding" in 2.5 weeks and got married on February 1, 2015 in Nick's parent's backyard. Yes, you read that correctly. 2.5 weeks to plan and execute a wedding! I like a challenge.

We kept it small, about 50 guests or so, mostly just family and very close friends. We didn't do invitations since this was a bit spur of the moment. Invites were via text and phone call. I know we upset some people that were not invited but this was more our style, low key and relaxed. It did rain a bit during our wedding, which was outside, but that didn't stop up from having a great time and in the end we ended up with some beautiful photography from some close friends of mine that do that kind of thing for a living. 

My handsome hubby

The Groomsmen - Ray, Nick, and Chris
The Bridal Party - Brooke, myself, and Hollie
I know that I am biased, but this child o' mine is one photogenic little guy. He helped walk his mommy down the aisle which I loved. I know we did things a bit out of order (kid first, marriage second) but I am so glad he was able to be apart of our big day to finally make our little family complete.

Our cakes were amazing. I found both toppers for the wedding cake and groom's cake on Etsy. We fashioned the Groom's cake after Walking Dead as we are huge fans.

Both of our immediate families were in attendance. Again, our families live very close by so it made it much easier to plan a wedding on the fly. 

Our officiant was actually our very close friend who Nick has grown up with and is really "Nick's brother from another mother" as he would say it. He got his officiant's license just to do our wedding.
"Uncle Jesse" as Brandon would call him. Our Wedding Officiant.

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