Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If I Won the Lottery

Helene in Between Blogtober

So, I am joining in on this #Blogtober14 thing. Super excited but I do realize that there is probably no way I am actually going to be able to blog every single day or blog about each topic (I have other stuff I want to blog about). But, I am going to link to it regardless of what I blog about because, hey, I'm still blogging right?!?

So, today is what would you do if you won the lottery. Well, let's assume that I do all the right stuff that you are supposed to do and then have plenty of funds left over for the fun stuff. Let's just talk about the fun stuff, mkay.

Visit every single NFL stadium and watch a game their. A decent game at that. One that matters. Division games, my favorite team (Eagles), playoff games, etc.

Have amazing season tickets to all the home Florida State games. (Do you see a trend here?) Yes, I would spend my Saturday's in Tallahassee cheering on my beloved Seminoles.

Give however much money needed to have a building named after me at FSU. Because, hello, how cool would that be?

Travel, Travel, Travel. I would probably be a nomad for a bit. Traveling the world, exploring all the places that I have always wanted to see. Pretty much all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America. Ahhh. What a life that would be.

Build an amazing home on the water. And, not just any home. A fortified home that could withstand anything and could be completed off the grid if needed. Solar panels, geo-thermal water, gardens. I'd want it all.

When I finally did get married...have the most amazing wedding ceremony EVER! In a castle, with trumpets, and streamers, and fireworks, the whole shebang. Totally over the top. Why, because I could. And what could be more romantic than that? And really, I just want to live my princess fantasy for a day. haha

Last, but certainly not least...I would spend a ridiculous amount of time at Disney. Because, who wouldn't want to always be at the Happiest Place on Earth?

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  1. Sounds like a solid plan! I think visiting every NFL stadium would fun. My fiance wanted to visit every MLB stadium. I'm not a huge MLB fan.. but I'd go the ride!

  2. This is quite hilarious! I love it, lots and lots of fun! That's not something that I thought about in regards to visiting all of those stadiums, quite unique!


  3. I see my influence on some of this stuff :)

  4. Oooooh a splurge trip in Disney is a great idea!!!

  5. I would love to have something named after me!! Its one of my life goals. lol!

  6. What a fun idea to go to every football stadium! That would be a blast :D Also, YES to using the lottery money to pay for your wedding. That is a brilliant idea!

  7. Awesome list - I thought about donating enough money to an ivy league to ensure my kids can always go haha but I didn't even think about naming a building after myself! :)