Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Bucket List

Helene in Between Blogtober

I am off a few days as this was supposed to be posted over the weekend but oh well. I'm posting it today instead. I like to break the rules.

Below is my Fall Bucket List. I actually think we will be able to do almost everything on this list. Especially since a few of these are already planned in advance. 
  • Visit Sweet Season Farms Corn Maze - we did this for the first time last year and I have been wanting to go back ever since. We already have this on the schedule for this weekend so definitely looking forward to it. 
  • Go to the Fair - not sure if we will be able to actually do this but would love to maybe have an adult's only night out to the fair so I can eat all the funnel cake I want and ride the cheesy fair rides.
  • Carve Pumpkins - carved my first pumpkin last year; Edward Scissorhands. Turned out great. Looking forward to more pumpkin carving this year. I am already searching for the perfect outline for this year
  • Dress up for Halloween - I used to dress up each and every Halloween but the last two have kinda been a bust in that department. Would really like to do some sort of family theme this year but it may not happen as Brandon is dead set on being a football player.
  • S'more Night by the Fire Pit - time to break out the fire pit and roast some S'mores by the fire. What better way to bring in Fall?
  • Visit the Pumpkin Patch - We've done this every year since Brandon was born and I take the same photo of him in overalls to compare to year's past. It's kind of a tradition I started and I am keeping it alive as long as possible.
  • Go to a Football Game - We live within walking distance to the high school and I would love to take Brandon to a game. I know he would enjoy it. Plus, I really want to go to the FSU/Notre Dame game in a couple of weeks. Anyone want to buy me some tickets?
  • Take a Hayride - This kind of goes hand in hand with the Corn Maze as we can usually knock this out at the same time.
  • Go to Haunted House - I am a big baby when it comes to haunted houses but for some strange reason I want to go. Will probably change my mind but right now, it's on!!!
  • Go to the Zoo - now that it's cooling down I don't mind spending an entire day outside at the zoo. Brandon loves the animals so I'm sure we will spend some quality time there soon.
  • Watch a Scary Movie - Halloween is coming up so I should go ahead and scare the crap out of myself and not let myself sleep for days right?
  • Bake Banana Pumpkin Bread - found the recipe on Pinterest and want to try it. 
  • Go Cruising to the Bahamas - already booked for the week of Thanksgiving. So excited!!! I am a cruise virgin so any tips you want to share will be greatly appreciated.
  • Go Trick or Treating - what fall wouldn't be complete without walking door to door trying to collect an obscene amount of candy?

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  1. Smores by the Fire Pit sounds absolutely amazing. Reminds me of bonfires on the beach!

  2. Banana pumpkin bread sounds so good :) I may have to find a recipe because that sounds like perfect autumn comfort food!

  3. That list sounds amazing. I especially like the cruise. That was my most favorite vacation ever!

  4. Such a rule breaker! ;)

    S'mores by the fire are an absolute MUST!

  5. The cruise sounds amazing! I have also never been, enjoy every moment!!