Monday, October 27, 2014

Boo at the Zoo

Helene in Between Blogtober

Yeah, I went away for most of last week but I have a good reason. Pink Eye made its way into our home last week and throughout most of this weekend (or as we have affectionately called it, Eyebola.)  It's kinda hard to look at the computer screen when your eyes keep crusting over with gunk. Yeah, I have has the pleasure of having it in both eyes since Thursday. I am finally able to sleep through the night without having to wake up and clean my eyes so hoping I am on the tail end of this journey.

Enough about the Eyebola. We still had a fun weekend. Saturday I took Brandon back to the pumpkin patch to let him get some energy out. He got to jump in the bouncy house and we did the hay ride again. It was a beautiful day and I just really needed to get myself and him out of the house.

Sunday we spent most of the day at Boo at the Zoo. We did this last year and I knew it would be a big hit again this year. Brandon being a year older really does make a difference in all of these fun activities that we do. It makes it even more exciting to think about how much fun we will have next year. I'll let the photos below do the rest of the talking. 

By the way, have I mentioned how much I have loved this October weather?!? October in Florida is the best. 

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  1. Great photos! I do love October in Florida. I just went glamping at the Westgate River Ranch - its a great family trip!