Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Curveball of Life

Why does it always seem that when you feel like you have everything together and start to maybe get just a little comfortable that life feels the need to throw a curve-ball at you? And it's never a pleasant curve-ball at that. It's like those nasty curves that you never see coming and then they don't even break over the plate; instead they break right into you. Or, maybe you had the feeling that something was up or wrong but you pushed that feeling aside and maybe, just maybe, decided that sticking you head in the sand would be a better option. 

I guess all aspects of a person's life just aren't supposed to sync up. Like, if your personal life is great then your job situation sucks. Or job is great, money is good, but personally things could really be better. I guess that's just the way life likes to balance everything out. I really wish that my entire life (work, money, family, friends) could all be on the same page, a good one, but I guess that just isn't really in the cards for me. 

It's like those people you know that have all the luck. Everything is always rosy for them. I know people like that. Am I one of those people? Nah. Never have been. Maybe they've just made better choices in life that have led to their luck. Maybe I made one wrong turn on this bumpy road of life that has taken me so far of course that I could never get back to where my luck and good fortune might actually be. 

Or maybe, I really do hold the cards to my life and its outcome and I just have to make those decisions needed for it to happen.

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  1. Okay, I'm going to try to avoid going all cheerleader mode on you. You haven't made wrong choices. You've made amazing choices and overcome extraordinary obstacles. You've chosen education and career and family. You commit yourself 100% to everything you do. Whatever bump in the road you've hit isn't enough to throw you out of alignment. Those people who have all the luck? I don't know them. But I doubt they know how to handle adversity as well as some of us more seasoned folk ;) If you need a hand let me know. I'll walk with you.