Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh the Madness

Yesterday was just one of those days. Ya know, where everything seems to happen all at once; the good and the bad. Nick and I are down to one car right now as his truck needs a new engine (can you just see the money flying away). He now has to be a work at 7 AM so that's fun. Getting everyone out of the house at that hour is just not right in my book. 

Brandon has been fighting with a cold on top of trying to get those stinking molars in. He's not sleeping well so no one else is sleeping well either. On top of this, he busted his lip open at school today and then started having what they like to call "loose stools" close to the end of the day. What does that mean? Well, no daycare for him today so no official office time for Mommy. Looks like he will be running work errands with me this morning as I HAVE to get some contracts signed and out TODAY.  

At work, our brokerage is pushing a new campaign out in our local area so lots of work to get done there. I went out to get pictures of some specific condominiums yesterday and some funniness ensued. You see, a lot of the condominium properties here are gated and well, you need the code to get in. It slipped my mind to call to get the code so I technically couldn't get on the grounds. I decided to wing it and parked my car on the side of the road just as a car was pulling out and walked in. I did this thinking I could then just use the pedestrian gate to get out. Um, no. I was wrong in that thinking. You have to have a code to get out of the damn property as well. So there I am, after getting the shots needed, stuck inside the gates with no way out. I walked all around the grounds trying to find a gate that I could walk out of to to avail. And of course, no cars are coming or going either. I am then looking trying to figure out where I can climb over the gate to get out but I am 5 foot nothing so that's really out of the question. I then look at the gates where the cars come in and out and see they they are pretty high off the ground. So, what do I do? Yep, I rolled underneath the gate to get out. Cars are passing by on the main road and I am oh so sure people are driving by wondering what the hell I'm doing. Ha, and these gates have surveillance cameras so I'm sure whoever sees that is going to get a good laugh. The things we do for work. 

How often do you just have one of those days where everything seems to happen all together? I mean, it wasn't a terrible day by any means, just a weird and interesting day to say the least.

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