Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm a Raindrop

Most people would probably talk about their most embarrassing fall but, I fall down ALL THE TIME so it's not really that embarrassing for me. Seriously, ALL THE TIME. I literally just ate it a few weeks ago walking through a parking garage. It's nothing new for me. BUT.....

Imagine standing up in front of the ENTIRE school during a pep rally and having to sing. Yeah, that happened to me. It was tradition that the smallest freshman cheerleader sing the "Raindrop Song" during a pep rally, on a microphone, holding up a giant raindrop while you put your face in the middle of it and sing the song three times. Not just at any pep rally either, the biggest pep rally of the year. And I'm a Freshman. And I can't turn it down. So I sucked it up and did it. The lyrics are below.

I'm a raindrop
I'm a raindrop
I'm a raindrop in the Sky
And I'd rather be a raindrop
Than a drip from Choctaw High

Yes, imagine standing up in front of 2,000 plus 9-12 graders as a 14 year old and singing this. Now, I'm not a horrible singer but average at best so this wasn't my shining moment.

Super embarrassing but I did it. What made it even worse was then everyone knew me as the "Raindrop Girl." They didn't know my name but knew who I was because of this little song.

I will say that this whole thing may have been a blessing in disguise because the next year I tore my ACL and ended up having to MC the pep rally's since I couldn't physically participate. 

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