Monday, May 13, 2013

I Apologize

Dear Nick,

I apologize....for all the times I pissed you off, for asking too much of you, for expecting you to read my mind and know exactly what I want, for not showing you more affection, for using you as a punching bag, for taking out all of my life's frustrations on you, for expecting you to fix everything right now, for not always showing my appreciation for you, and most of all, for not always showing you how much I love you.

I am not sure why we always seem to treat those closest to us the worst but I am going to make an effort, right here right now, to change that. To not allow myself to do that to someone I love so dearly. 
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  1. Hi, I saw your blog link on Twitter through #bogeverydayinmay which I have joined in with today. I love your apology and recognise so much of what you wrote.
    Enjoyed looking through your blog today :-)