Monday, April 22, 2013

What a Difference a Weekend Makes

I slacked off this weekend and didn't take any pictures minus what I posted on Instagram, BUT it was a good one. 

Last weekend was pretty rough since Brandon had a fever almost the entire weekend and was just not his usual fun self. This weekend was much better. We spent Friday evening at the grandparent's hanging out, eating some pizza and enjoying a fantastic dessert made by yours truly. I found the recipe on Pinterest (where else) and make a super easy and super yummy banana pudding poke cake. Seriously, it's freaking delish. You can find the recipe here

Saturday was a wash since I had to work (someone has to pay the bills), but Sunday was definitely out Funday. We went to our usual breakfast spot, Joe and Eddie's and then went and celebrated a friend's birthday at a cookout. It was definitely a family friendly affair as most everyone their had kids so lots of little ones running around playing together while the adults hung out and played some corn hole. Of course, Brandon thought it would be more fun to use the corn hole board as a mini slide. He would walk up it then lay on his tummy and then push himself down it. About a half hour's worth of fun for a one year old (which is a lifetime for that age). 

We spent most of the afternoon and early evening hanging out and made it back home after dark. We were all exhausted from the day but so glad we were able to enjoy this beautiful Florida sunshine before the humidity kicks into high gear. 

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