Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baseball Birthday Party

We celebrated Brandon's birthday over the weekend and I have to say it was a resounding success. I love that we went with the baseball theme since Opening Day was this Monday.

The weather was perfect for an afternoon party at the park. We had around 40 guests total including many little kiddies running around. It was such a wonderful way to celebrate Brandon's 1st year of life here with us. I had a great friend take photos of the day and will share those once I get them. I have included a few snap shots below that I took before it got super crazy.

This was the invitation that I sent out about 3 weeks or so prior to the party. I searched and searched for invitations that I like online and finally found this on They were super easy to make and I received them within a week of ordering which is awesome in my book. The great thing about this site is it's more than just invitations or cards. You can order just about anything custom made on here. Be sure to check them out as the prices are better than most I've stumbled across. 

The great thing about having his party at the park is the lack of decorating needed. I had a few tables set up for food with some decor and a few pennant banners but other than that just wide open space for everyone to hang out and the playground for the kiddies to play at.

This was the desert table with the cupcakes that I made. I am not the best cupcake decorator but tried to make some look like baseballs and the others I formed into a baseball glove.

Going with the baseball theme, we had cracker jacks, big league chew bubble gum, sunflower seeds, potato chips and hotdogs and hamburgers.

One of the banners that I made. This was Brandon's monthly pictures taken in the same chair from 0-11 months. It was amazing to look at to really see just how much he has grown.

 I found these large plastic bins at Target for $5 a piece. I decided to use them for drinks and had labels on each one. Hence the Rookies and Old Timers (the old timers needed some brew to get through this day with all the kids running around.)

I set up an inflatable catcher for the kids to throw balls at. We had plastic baseballs, beach balls and soft baseballs for all ages to play with.

I found this shirt on Etsy and just knew I had to have it for Brandon's big day. Here is a link to the seller's Etsy shop in case you are wanting custom items for your little one. She does a great job.

Tomorrow is Brandon's 1 year well check so I am hoping to have his 12 month update posted by the end of the week.
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