Tuesday, March 5, 2013

11 Months

I know I say this every month but it seems to all go by so quick. You are just a few short weeks away from your first birthday. I cannot believe it has almost been a year already. Where did my sweet little baby go?!? You are in full on run mode now. Constantly moving. Never staying still for more than a few seconds. Life seems to be more and more fun for you as you figure new things out.

You love being outside. Unfortunately, February gave us a month of either rain or wind or cold. Not a whole lot of outside time was had but we made the best of what we could. You love to go to the park and swing in the swings. You took your first ride down a slide and laughed and laughed. You think it is so funny when Mommy and Daddy chase you around the house. You love to play peek a boo and will grab any blanket and throw it over your head to start a game of it.

You can now say Mama, Dada (every once in a while), Ball, Bye with a wave. You can also Moo like a cow. It sounds more like mmmmmm but we know what it is. Uh with your arms up means up for you. You will run up to my legs and look up with you arms in the air and go, "uh, uh" So darn cute but you get so darn upset if I don't pick you up quick enough. You love to play on Daddy's old cell phone. You put it up to your ear and try to say Hello but it sounds more like Ayo. You can also shake your head up and down for Yes and side to side for No.

You also love to read your books. You will now bring books to me to read and I am pretty sure you have favorites already because you will search through your basket of books for specific ones to read. It's so funny watching you throw books around trying to find the exact one you are looking for.

You also share. Like, actually give stuff to someone else and not take it right back. We always say "thank you" when you do and you get the biggest grin on your face and are so proud of yourself. You have also started pointing at things. I call it the E.T. phone home point because that is what it looks like.

Dancing is new this month. Really, the last few weeks this has started. You will kinda bounce up and down when music comes on or shake your arms side to side. Of course, this elicits tons of laughs and smiles from you. I see many Mommy and Brandon dance parties in the living room in our future.

Sleeping and eating have really been unchanged these past few months. You still wake once or twice a night. You are eating 3 table food meals a day with snack. You still take formula but I am going to start weaning you off soon.

Not sure of your weight or height but your 1 year appointment is April 4 so we will see how far your have come then. We now have 7 teeth, 4 on top and 3 on bottom. You had 8 but one went back under the gum. Didn't know that they could do that but looks like it will be making it's way back up soon as you can easily see it. You are still in size 4 diapers. I don't see that changing anytime soon. Clothes are 12-18 months for the most part with some 24 months shirts depending on the brand.

Month 11 has been so much fun and I can only see it becoming more and more fun as you learn to do new things. Less than one month to go til the big 0-1!!! March 28, Here We Come.

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