Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Opinion Not Always Needed

I am going to start by saying I WAS world famous for giving my opinion on something that wasn't necessarily warranted or needed. Now, as a mother, I can see how annoying it is to have to constantly hear from others about the best way to parent. I really want to smack my past self in the head and say hush because there is nothing more frustrating than to have someone else criticize how you raise your child.

I was at the dentist last week and had to listen to my hygienist tell me that I was spoiling my child because I didn't let him cry it out at night. Seriously, he is only 11 months old (as of this coming up Thursday) and he still wakes to eat at night. To me this is pretty common but to her, oh no, he shouldn't need to eat at night and I am setting a bad example by letting him wake to eat. Instead, I should just let him cry himself back to sleep and not go in there at all. I'm sorry, but this is just not the way that I choose to parent. I'm not saying that this is the wrong way but it's just not the way for me or my family.

I have tried to just brush all of these types of comments off but for some reason this one just really bothered me. I just don't understand how becoming a parent gives everyone the right to share their opinion about how you are doing it wrong because it isn't how they would parent. There is no handbook given that says, This is the Only Way to Parent. We each do what we think/feel is best for out family and our children. No one is going to know or understand what my son needs better than myself or is father. No one. Period.

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