Wednesday, November 28, 2012

8 Months Old

My curious baby boy,

I cannot believe that you are already 8 months old.  I know I say this every month but I just do not feel like you should be this big yet.  You weighed in at 22.3 pounds a few weeks ago.  That's crazy.  I caught myself scrolling through old pictures the other day of when you were first born and I am amazed at how quickly you have changed.  I feel like we are only a few short months away from you no longer being my baby and instead being a toddler.  This is both exciting and sad for me at the same time.

Last night, after your "midnight snack", I just held you close to me enjoying that you still let me cuddle with you.  You still love to fall asleep with your head on my shoulder, face towards me and you little arms wrapped around my neck.  It is one of my favorite times with you.  There are times when I just hold you longer than you need so I can soak all of this up because I know it isn't too far away that you will no longer want or need this from me as you are already starting to venture out on your own.

So much has changed for your this month.  It has been a constant "let's learn something new today."  You can now clap.  You can do it standing or sitting.  Yes, you can stand on your own now.  You have taken a few steps sans hands or holding onto anything.  Everything has turned into something that you can push and walk with.  You love playing peek a boo.  You will now grab your blanket and pull it up over your head and then pull it down waiting for me to say "peek a boo."  This is hilarious to you.

You are constantly laughing.  You have started laughing so hard that you cannot laugh anymore.  It's hysterical.  You now can make kissy noises.  You will lean in for kisses.  It really is the cutest thing.  And talking, you love to talk.  We cannot understand anything but you try so hard.  There is a lot of "babababa's" and "ahhh's"  "uhhh's".  No real words yet but I feel like you are getting close.

You love looking at yourself in the mirror and you will talk to yourself.  You also have started shaking your head from side to side.  I definitely think this is from hearing no from us when you get into stuff you shouldn't since we shake our head when we say it.  Oh, and your tongue is forever sticking out of your mouth.

You have had a lot of fun experiences this month.  Your first Halloween was a success.  You were the most adorable pirate I have ever seen.  You enjoyed your first visit to the park.  We went down the slide and you got to swing in the swings for the first time.  Your were all smiles.  You had your first Thanksgiving also.  You ate some stuffing and sweet potatoes but didn't really care for anything else.

There are some things that you just do not like though.  You are still not happy about getting dressed in the mornings.  It is a constant battle to get clothes on you.  I think it's more that you have to lay still when you really just want to be moving around and playing.

You also get REALLY mad when you want me to pick you up and I can't.  This is usually in the mornings as I am getting ready for work.  You will crawl up to me and then pull yourself up and stand below me with your arms up.  If I tell you no you get SO MAD.  One morning you actually threw your first temper tantrum (you actually sprawled out on the floor with your arms over your head and kicked your feet back and forth).  I couldn't believe it.  I actually stood there a laughed a little bit because you looked so pitiful and then I realized that wow, this is happening.  Isn't he too young to do this?  I felt so bad that I went and grabbed you and then you started laughing.  Great, I am already being suckered in.  LOL

Looking forward to this next month.  I am so excited for Christmas.  We already have the tree up and you stare at it daily.  Hopefully you don't try and pull it down.

I love you my sweet, sweet baby Brandon.


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