Wednesday, October 3, 2012

6 Month Update

My Sweet Boy,

I cannot believe it. You have passed the half year mark. I caught myself looking at pictures recently of you from when you first joined us in this world and it amazes me how much you have grown. I remember thinking when I first saw you how big you were and NOW, looking back, all I can think is how tiny you were.  It's amazing how quickly time changes your perspective on things.

So much has changed this last month. You have really started coming in to your own.  All of a sudden you are becoming a mover and a shaker in this world of ours.  You CANNOT be still and have to constantly be on the move or doing something.  You have learned so much already and everyday brings something new.  This month alone you have decided to sit up on your own, start crawling (not great yet but you are getting there), pulling up on stuff to stand, and getting yourself from the crawling to sitting position to crawling again.

You have also REALLY started sleeping through the night (well, most of the time). Bedtime is usually between 7:30-8pm and for the most part, you will sleep until 7ish in the morning.  This happens at least half of the week with the other days you waking up normally around 11:30ish to eat and then going back down until about 7.  It is truly a blessing to have such a good sleeper.  For the most part, you can put yourself to sleep.  Sometimes I have to go in and hold you for a minute but after that, you're good.

We also started solids this month.  I wanted to wait until after you hit the 6 month mark but you had other plans.  So far you have enjoyed everything you have tried.  Apples, Peaches, Mangos, Prunes, Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash, Green Beach and Avocado are all foods you have already tried.  We didn't do the 3 days of one food and then introduce another with you.  Neither myself or you daddy has any allergies to anything so we just went full steam ahead.  I did confirm with your paediatrician that this was fine and he said not to worry about it.

Speaking of doctors, you had your 6 month check-up and you are still measuring bigger than average on all accounts.  You weighed 20 lbs 14 oz (93 percentile), 27.5 inches long (81 percentile), and 17.5 inches (68 percentile) in head circumference.  You are currently wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes for the most part depending on the brand.  You are still in size 3 diapers but we are getting close to moving you up to size 4 within a few weeks.

It is so crazy to me that you are already half a year old! I feel like you just got here and now you are all over the place.  You are such a fun, happy, spirited, laughing, sweet and full of life little boy.  Everyday spent with you brings me more joy that I ever could have imagined.  My heart is so full of love for you.  It is so true that you really never understand true love until you have a child.  I love you with everything I have and more :)


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