Thursday, September 20, 2012

High Chair is Here; Time to Eat

Have I mentioned the fact that I LOVE  I mean, it's a great thing when you can order something that cannot be found in stores in my area and have it to my house within 48 hours (and not have to pay shipping).  I have been admiring the Boon High Chair since I was pregnant with Brandon and finally broke down and purchased it.  It helped that I had 20% off my purchase so it was a great time to buy AND Brandon was really in need of a high chair pretty quickly since he has started grabbing for food.

I went with the Boon Chair because well, 1) I loved the look of it 2) It is super easy to clean 3) It rolls and 4) Adjustable height but in a much better way than other high chairs.  Of all the color choices, Nick liked the red the best.  I wanted to go with the white one with the blue insert but it was on backorder for up to 3 months and we just didn't have time to wait that long.  So red it was and I am actually glad we went with the brighter color. 

I really planned on waiting to introduce solids until later but Brandon will be 6 months next week and he has shown all of the signs that he is ready to start.  He can sit up for long periods unassisted, he has a great pincer grasp, lost the tongue thrust and he is pretty darn close to crawling (he goes backwards really well).  Plus, he stares us down now when we eat and has started grabbing at food on our plates.  I think he has been telling me that it is time to start eating :)

Brandon tested the chair out last night and ate his first solids, avocado.  I have read this is a great first food to start with so I just took half an avocado and mashed it up some.  Of course, I was laughing as he was trying to figure out what to do with it.  I gave him some with a spoon on it and he immediately took the spoon and put it in his mouth.  He then took a handful and wiped it on his Onesie (yeah, I forgot to put the bib on).  

My plan it just do solids at dinner time right now.  We are going to stick with avocado for a few days and then move on to sweet potatoes and green beans.  I want to stick with veggies and non sweet fruit first so that he doesn't get used to all the sweetness and only want that.   

BTW, if you cannot tell, I am a Boon fan.  I also purchased some of there bowls and there baby utensils for Brandon also.  Those are pictured as well.

Boon High Chair with a Boon Bowl on it. 

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