Friday, August 3, 2012

4 Month Update

My Sweet, Sweet Baby Boy,

My how you have grown.  It's amazing how I now look back and instead of remembering how big you were at birth, I now think about how tiny you were compared to now.  As of this past Tuesday, you are 17.3 pounds and 26.5 inches long.  You are in the 90th percentile for both height and weight for your age but if you just compared your weight to how long you are then you are only in the 50% percentile for weight. I keep waiting for you to get all of these chubby rolls on your body but I just don't see that in your future.

Speaking of growing, you are now solidly into 6 month clothes and even some of those are starting to fit snug.  You have some 9 month things that you are starting to wear and I think you will be there for sure soon.  You even fit into a 12 month onesie which surprised the heck out of me!

Eating is probably your favorite pastime right now.  You eat A LOT; about 36oz a day on average.  I was starting to feel like you were eating to much but Dr. Rigby assured me that this is normal for your size and said just keep doing what we are doing because you are as healthy as can be. I am still going to wait as long as possible to start solids.  At the earliest, 6 months but maybe longer if you are still happy with just formula.

You are really starting to hit some milestones quickly now.  Anytime we lay you on your activity mat on your back, you immediately roll over onto your tummy.  You can turn yourself around and have now started to scoot backwards.  Just the other day I turned around for just a minute and you had managed to scoot your way off the activity may and rug onto the tile.  I can tell that you are very happy that you can move around some and can only imagine what the next month will bring.

I think all of these milestones you are undertaking are affecting your sleep.  Ever since you have figured out how to roll yourself over you start doing it in your sleep and then wake up so upset because you can't get yourself back the other way.  You have always been a mover in your sleep but it never really affected you before like it does now.  We are back to getting up a few times a night but I am hopeful that you will go back to your normal sleep patterns once you get used to all the new things you can now do. 

You haven't managed to get yourself rolled over from your tummy to your back but you try so hard.  I don't see this lasting for much longer as you can lift your whole chest of the ground and you can also pull your knees up underneath you; just not at the same time yet.  

You are almost able to sit up on your own.  You can hold it for a few seconds but then have to lean forward and put your hands on the ground to hold yourself up.  It's amazing how quickly all of this seems to be coming for you.  You even stood up on your own holding onto your activity mat.  I was amazed.  Your little legs are getting so strong and sometimes I think you will learn to walk before crawl because you much prefer to stand as opposed to anything else.

You love to look around at everything which is why I am pretty sure standing and being held upright are your favorite ways to be.  You are constantly turning your head this way and that trying to see all that there is.  I swear I can see your little mind working as you check things out.  You get this serious look on your face which makes me think that you are just trying to figure out what this all means.  Your new favorite thing to look at is yourself in the mirror.  You get so excited when you see yourself you start kicking your little legs and reaching out to touch the mirror.  It's adorable.

Oh, and the jumperoo.  Goodness, you LOVE that thing.  As soon as I get you situated in it you start going to town.  You stay in the jumper for a good 30 minutes or so before you get tired or bored (not sure which) which is a lifetime for your age.  I am close to having to adjust the height on it because you legs are getting to long.

The amount that you have grown and changed in the last month is both exciting and sad at the same time.  Exciting because I get to see you learn new things everyday and sad because you are growing up so big so fast.  I know that I am going to look back at this time and think about how fast it went by so I try everyday to relish who you are now and not worry so much about where you will be tomorrow.  I cherish each and every day with you and I love you to pieces.  You are my baby boy and I couldn't imagine my life any other way than with you in it.


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