Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nursery Update

We finally have a paint color!!!  Nick and I picked it out this past weekend.  He is so much better at picking paint that I am so I just told him what I was looking for an he went from there.  We ended up going with Glidden's Warm Caramel.

Glidden Warm Caramel
Initially I thought this may be too dark but after seeing the room painted I am really happy with it. Nick surprised me Saturday by painting the room while I was at work.  We decided that we wanted the baseboards and trim to all be a high gloss white which contrasts well with the wall color and will look really good with the new carpet with have to get now.

Speaking of new carpet, this was not the original plan.  All of this happened while I was at work so I am telling this story second hand from Nick.

StainMaster Pale Clay
He had about half of the floor covered while painting and was on the ladder  painting closer to the ceiling.  Our dog, Sampson, wondered into the room, and as Nick was stepping down off the ladder Sampson got spooked and went to bolt out the door and in the process knocked the paint can over and spilled about a half a gallon of paint onto the carpet.  Needless to say, you cannot get paint out of carpet so we went to Lowe's on Sunday to pick out new carpet for that bedroom.  We ended up going with StainMaster Pale Clay since they have it in stock and we can get it in fairly quickly.

Also, since I broke the door knob we decided to go ahead and change that out as well as all of the hinges for the door and all outlet covers in the room.  Hopefully we will have all of this done including the carpet and paint by next week.  I am waiting to order the furniture (crib, dresser, mattress) until next Friday to give us enough time in case we experience any hiccups with the carpet getting installed.  It will only take about a week to get the furniture in and I want to make sure I have somewhere to put it once it's here.  I will post some pictures of the room once the carpet is in and hopefully before the furniture gets here.

Tonight we have our 2nd Prepared Birthing Class.  I will be sure to blog tomorrow as I can only imagine what will happen.  Supposedly we will be working on the floor a lot.  I see lots of fake pushing and breathing in the near future.

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